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Welcome to Kirsty Evans Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. I am a licensed acupuncturist in Heswall, Wirral.


Chinese Medicine is a practise that is over 2,000 years old, which sees the mind and body as interdependent and aims to restore balance and bring about physical and mental well being. 

As for me, and how did I get here? Well, I have always been fascinated by how the body works, which led me to study Biochemistry at university. However life never runs in a straight line and for 28 years I worked in the corporate world with brands like Cadburys, Tesco and MacDonalds, followed by a career as a university lecturer. It was a stressful time looking after a family - a dog, 2 guinea pigs, 2 children and            a husband so in 2012 I started practising Qi Gong (sometimes translated into Energy Work exercises) to cope with the pressures of life.

And that was it........

I fell head long into the Daoist arts, practising meditation, Qi Gong and Taiji with Lotus Nei Gong International School of Daoist Arts, before taking the final plunge and retraining as an acupuncturist, with the Xian Tian College of Chinese Medicine and training as a Qi Gong instructor.   

So that's me. If you think I could help you on your journey to mental and physical well being, get in touch.

Call now on 07513 018377 for a free 15 minute consultation to find out how I could help you, or email me on


Transformation and Change 


Acupuncture involves the use of disposable, sterile, fine needles inserted into specific points on the body. There are different explanations for their action depending on the system of acupuncture your are treated with. The system I use (using Traditional and Ancient Chinese Medicine) looks at the individual as a whole, to understand the root cause of the illness or imbalance, and treat both the symptoms and the underlying cause of disharmony. 

Tuina (pronounced tweenah) is a form of medical massage of the muscles and tendons, along with manipulation of the joints, used to remove stagnation from the body. The stagnation causes pain and discomfort, as the natural flow of Qi and blood are blocked. It is generally done through your clothes or under a sheet so there is no need to remove your clothing!  

Tuina can be given in conjunction with acupuncture or as a stand alone treatment. 


Cupping is a therapy that involves the use of specialised cups applied to the skin to create suction. It increases the flow of qi and blood to the area and can be used to help with muscle tension, improve circulation, clear stagnation and help with pain. It leaves very telltale red or purple sucker marks on the body, often seen on the back. 

The food and drink we consume has an impact on how we feel mentally and physically. Think of how sluggish you feel after a heavy meal or how jittery you feel if you have had one cup of coffee too many........

What we consume can aid or hinder our recovery and often some simple but tailored dietary and lifestyle changes, can really help.   




Kirsty Evans, licensed acupuncturist in Heswall, Wirral. 

Fully licensed by Wirral Council.  

Member of the Acupuncture Society 

Registered with Balens Insurance 


Heswall Spaces

101 Brimstage Road, Heswall, CH60 1XF


Tel: 07513 018377

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